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#the worst part is the way this sucker punches you #the whole episode is so light and cute #and then all of a sudden PICNIC FOR YOUR DEAD SON AS YOU CRY AND SING FOR HIM AT SUNSET #WHAT THE FUCK #CRYING AS MUCH OUT OF CONFUSION AS HEARTRENDING SPIRITUAL PAIN #and he’s in ba sing se where he lost his son and gave up and left the war #little soldier boy come marching home #remember how he fretted after zuko at the north pole #LITTLE SOLIDER BOY COME MARCHING HOME#brave soldier boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #im gonna throw up i can’t live

I will never get over the fact that in the song he asks the little soldier boy to come home, but the brave soldier boy goes willingly, and most likely happily.


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“You think about it. Your first impulse is to save him, but then you realize you can’t.” ~ George Lucas to Ewan McGregor, the ‘Making of ROTS’ book

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“Up you go, Katnip”

He can’t hurt you now.
Let me do a good thing.