So, if you know me well enough, you know I am not a fan of affection… like, unless I’m feeling affectionate, hugs and stuff ain’t my cup of tea. This has been a fact about me since I was a kid… and, thanks to a book I was given in pre-K, I had the perfect response: “It’s my body and I DON’T WANT YOU TO TOUCH IT.” Now, the book had a very good message about the difference between okay touching and bad touching. But, of course being the little jodida that I am, I used it as a way to get people not to hug me… including my mother as I screamed the above in whatever store we were in as she tried to hold my hand… Needless to say, the book already had a notorious reputation in my household.

Well, my mom found the book while we were moving, and let’s just say some of the wording is now a lot more questionable. LET’S TAKE A LOOK, SHALL WE.

This is the book:

Look’s okay… 

That wording is a bit odd.. Perhaps sharing wasn’t the best way to describe it… but okay…

My mother’s response, “QUE?!?!!?”

My father’s response, “I didn’t give you that book *sassy face*.”

My response:

So, did anyone else get this book?

So my Mom and I were talking about how my Dad isn’t a cynic like us and she says “We can’t make everyone like us… ” Which made it sound like it is our life duty to teach people the ways of cynicism.

Yes, mother. This one is beyond our influence.

Am I immature? Because this is killing me.

Am I immature? Because this is killing me.

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