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your post: What the flying
I saw a YouTube comment that
said that Harbinger said “Serve
us”.. I thought he said “Save
us” at first.. @_@

Oh god, I can hear either. What do, Harbinger, WHAT DO?


What the flying frak…



I don’t get why the starchild was like

If you pick destroy, you will die, because you’re part synthetic. 

I don’t think Shepard’s biotic implant thingies are sentient. So why would it affect her? :/

Here is a touch of meta and conjecture from someone who subscribes to the Reapers are indoctrinated themselves theory.

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Kaidan Says Goodbye at the Conduit Beam - Paragon/Renegade Edit

I found that having BOTH Renegade/Paragon dialogues play together made for a more compelling scene than just choosing one or the other, so I made an edit with them both together, and added in some more appropriate music while I was at it…


A Future for the Krogan

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Extended Cut DLC

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Thane flashback in new extended cut.

That look. THAT LOOK.
I just love the look he’s giving Shepard. He notices her while in mid prayer, and is genuinely glad to see her, and you can see the love and happiness in his eyes and expression. For a man who has had few joys in his life, seeing him with this expression and knowing that even though he’s no longer alive, he’s not in pain and you gave him that happiness before he passed away. Thane is just so beautiful, and so tragic, it’s really hard having to say goodbye to him.