Thane flashback in new extended cut.

Sihas, do not cry. This is a small victory for us. Bioware heard our pleas. Hopefully they’ll give us DLC next. Remember, Thane’s cabin is still empty. 

If they came out with a Cure DLC, where you go to Kahje to rescue Hanar scientists (which was supposed to be in the game anyway), I will forgive Bioware of all their sins.

I always did wonder why his cabin was never occupied. Every other room on the Normandy was taken over by someone at some point in the game…

#except that would mess up the Citadel Coup so that’s not going to happen #;___;

actually not really.

If you don’t talk to Thane at all before the Coup, Kirrahe dies instead of Thane (in an even lamer death than what Thane got but whatever). So they could just make it so that if you do that hypothetical DLC before the Coup, Kirrahe is the one that gets shot (and if Kirrahe is dead in your game, the Councilor dies and you just lose Salarian support *shrugs*)

It would work perfectly. Chances are that if you don’t have Kirrahe alive, you also don’t have Thane. The people who don’t have both of them would either be newcomers to the series, or PS3 users who did not do the comic version of ME1 with the choices for who lives and who dies.

Thane dying served no purpose in ME3 other than eliminating the need to animate him or write more dialogue/record voice overs. He could easily stay on board the Normandy for a few missions and act as an ambassador to the Drell and Hanar forces you get for the Kasumi mission.

Surgey or the Kahje mission could also be an excuse to keep him off the Normandy for the final battle or the last half of the game. You just have him stay on Kahje and come back in for a farewell to manced Sheps. It wouldn’t interfere with anything story wise, and all they’d have to do is the animations, voice work, and programming him into certain scenes/setting event triggers for him. 

If enough demand is there, EA will have Bioware do it. They want money. Plain and simple. But like I said, being put into the flashbacks is a pretty big accomplishment considering how poorly Thane was handled in ME3. I wasn’t expecting anything involving him to come out of the EC DLC.

In the PS3 Interactive comic (For ME1) Kirrahe dies either way ;_;

But I sooo agree with saxyjep.

That’s unfortunate. I didn’t know he dies no matter what in the PS versions of the game. :/ But still, the option is there to have Thane take his place. It’d just be another choice. Do you like Thane enough to sacrifice Kirrahe/ the councilor? it’s just another choice we would have to make in the game. Not unlike the choice between Wrex/Mordin, and Legion/Tali.